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    SAKSAMAA- Lübeck
    ENOL FOLIEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been active on the German and European packaging markets since 2005 with steadily growing success. This is largely thanks to our many satisfied customers. We provide films and bags 'à la...

    Tarnija: Pehmed pakendid | Plastpakendid | packaging films | flap pouches | bags with adhesive sealing [+] header bags | aluminium compound foil bags | envelopes, transparent | polybags | flat bags | greetings card packaging | greetings card packaging | polypropylene pouches | stand-up pouches (doypack) | mailing bags

    BELGIA- Kruishoutem
    DEVE PACK - Verified by Europages

    DeVe-Pack was set up in 1990. Our company has prospered on the strength of its years of experience and expanded its business through international markets. The customers deliver the raw materials to...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Pakkimisettevõtjad | Eripakendamine | Pakkimiskangad | subcontract single-portion packaging in sachets [+] organic produce packaging | dose packaging | twin sachets | shaped sachets | tablet packaging | powders in sachets | granulate packaging | powder packaging | water-soluble sachets | water-soluble packaging

    VENEMAA- Moscow
    PROTEK GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Protek group is the largest Russian, federal, trade and production network for the production of food packaging. We have been manufacturing packaging materials, plastic packaging for the food...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Toidupakendid | containers for food use | disposable forks | food wrap [+] food-grade polypropylene packaging | fruit packaging | hermetic packaging | ice-cream packaging | pastry and bakery containers | packaging for foods | packaging for meat | packaging for the food-processing industry | pet containers | plastic bowls

    SAKSAMAA- Eitorf/sieg
    JEDI KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is one of the leading international manufacturers of soft PVC rolls, panels and sheeting as well as strip curtains of various widths. The recipe to JEDI...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Kummi- ja plasttorud | Plastist pooltooted | Plastprofiilid | Plastkiled ja -lehed [+] Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Plastist kodutarbed | Plastkatted ja -laminaadid | Plastist põrandakatted | plastic profiles | rigid pvc sheets | pvc panels | plastic panels | plastic sheeting, semi-finished products | pvc rollers

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    SAKSAMAA- Hergensweiler
    ROSE PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    rose plastic is regarded as the world’s No. 1 supplier of high-quality hard plastic packaging for the tooling industry. But many other industries also appreciate the uncompromising quality, precision...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastpakendid | Pakendamine | plastic case | plastic packaging [+] flexible packaging | packing chains | packing containers | hard shell cases | plastic bushes | case for musical instruments | plastic carrying containers | plastic storage boxes | containers for tools | tool packaging

  • Flat film, half tubes, flap pouches, header pouches. maropack has been manufacturing high-quality, highly transparent flat pouches, header pouches, bottom folding pouches, half tubes and rolls of...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | envelopes and bags for packing | printed film | taping | semi-tubular films [+] polypropylene film | copolymer | minitickets | rolls of film | flat pouches | greetings card packaging | flap pouches | polypropylene pouches | dispenser film | film blank cuts

    SAKSAMAA- Cuxhaven
    FLEROS KUNSTSTOFFE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Being a specialist in the sector of plastic packaging of every kind, we have focused on the production of round and rectangular plastic containers, plastic bowls, buckets for packaging, as well as...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Toidupakendid | covers for packaging | plastic boxes | plastic pails [+] packaging material | plastic buckets | plastic trays | sealing bowls | lids for sealing bowls | packaging bucket | round plastic buckets | rectangular plastic buckets | square shaped plastic buckets | plastic bucket with handle

    ŠVEITS- Pratteln
    LOGO-PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    It is our mission and challenge to find the perfect plastic packaging for your goods. For over four decades, we have supported our customers in creating packaging solutions from plastic. These many...

    Tarnija: Plastmannergud, -trumlid, -vaadid ja -tünnid | Plastpakendid | packaging for dangerous goods | pet packaging | plastics manufacturing [+] environmentally-friendly packaging | r-hdpe bottles | marine plastic bottles | round containers | buckets and beakers | adblue | closures | r-pet bottles | bottles for the drinks industry | pet plastic bottles

    SAKSAMAA- St. Katharinen
    OSKAR PAHLKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to Oskar Pahlke GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us. Our Products: • Industry and engineering > Sound...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Käsnad | Kummi ja plasti töötlemine | polyethylene | polyurethane foaming [+] gasket padding | working of foamed plastic filtering elements | sponges for cleaning jobs | polyurethane scenery accessories | viscose | foams, synthetic | protective packaging | plastic foam | laminated foams | technical foams

  • Design meets functionality: Eye-catching transparent packaging. As a traditional manufacturer of transparent packaging and a wide range of other film products, we recognise the value that packaging...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Pakendamine | Eripakkimisfirmad | Eripakendamine | folding cases [+] plastic packaging for speciality foods | copolymer | taping | plastic food containers | square plastic packaging | round plastic packaging | packaging for confectionary | polyethylene packaging solutions | plastic materials for packaging | packaging films for the food processing industry

  • iMed is an expert supplier of technical precision parts and assemblies made from plastic in small-, medium- and large-scale series for use in key industries. As a system supplier, iMed can look back...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Vormid ja mudelid | Mehaanilised tööriistad | Kaasaskantavad elektritööriistad | Kummi ja plasti töötlemine [+] Kummi ja plasti pritsevormimine | Plastmassid - tööstuslikud toormaterjalid | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Plastist kodutarbed | Plastist põrandakatted | quick prototyping | die-cast tools for metals | large milled parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | rapid tooling (for prototype initial samples)

    SAKSAMAA- Dietenheim
    ETIMEX PRIMARY PACKAGING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Etimex realises high-quality packaging solutions for food, pet food, baby food, convenience items, pharmaceuticals and technical items alongside you. With our highly motivated and experienced team,...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Pehmed pakendid | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Plastkiled ja -lehed | Pakendamine [+] deep-drawing films | polypropylene | polypropylene film | packaging films | barrier films for food packaging | film for unitization operation | plastic food containers | plastic packaging for the food and food preservation industry | plastic packaging for speciality foods | microwave meal trays

    SAKSAMAA- Augsburg
    LINDNER SPRÜHSYSTEME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    YOU AS A CUSTOMER AND YOUR PACKAGING NEEDS ARE THE FOCUS OF OUR DAY-TO-DAY BUSINESS The Lindner Companies stand for innovative plastic packaging that is processed by extrusion blow moulding and...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Sõeltrükk | nebulisers-atomisers | canisters [+] spraying systems, industrial | synthetic caps | plastic boxes | nebulizer pumps | bottle caps | laminated sachets for liquid substances | plastic bottles for laboratories | childproof caps | scrap materials | soap dispensers

  • Established in 2004, we specialize in producing plastic packaging as the solution of valuable brands in the detergent, cleaning, industrial, cosmetics, food, and medical sectors. With over 55...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastpudelid ja -purgid | Plastist kodutarbed | Eripakendamine | Kaitsekatted - eripakendamine [+] Puhastus- ja hooldusvahendid kodumajapidamistele | plastic bottles | plastic covers for packing | spray pumps | jars, plastic | plastic closures for packing | childproof caps | design bottle closures | manufacturer of stoppers | plastic components

  • Monómero started the activity in 2001 to transform Plastic raw materials into all kinds of packaging products. We have the most advanced equipment to make the best possible product to fulfill the...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastkotid | Toidupakendid | rubbish bag | plastic bags [+] bags and sachets - design | polypropylene bags | polyethylene bag | ldpe and hdpe bags | plastic bags and film for the food and canning industry | biodegradable bags | bags and sachets | recycled plastic bags | manufacture of polyethylene bags | film for fruit and vegetable packaging

    VENEMAA- Moscow
    JETLAB LLC - Verified by Europages

    JetLab is the inventor and manufacturer of JetBottle, an innovative plastic bag for safe transportation of bottles in luggage. JetBottle is an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to plastic bags...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Eripakkimisfirmad | Kaitsekatted - eripakendamine | Hoidikud ja karbid - eripakendamine | Matkavarustus [+] Kaubavedu | Suveniirid ja reklaamkingitused | Ärikingitused | hermetic packaging | packaging containers | protective packaging | innovative products | flexible plastic packaging | flexible polyethylene packaging | wine bottle transport

  • LOUVRETTE has specialised in the development and production of top-quality plastic packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry for more than half a century.

    Tarnija: Plastpudelid ja -purgid | Plastpakendid | Plasttooted rõivatööstusele | Pakendamine | plastic boxes [+] packing containers | global packaging solutions | machine building | cosmetic packaging | packaging for cosmetic products | pots for the cosmetics sector | soft tubes for cosmetic creams | plastic tubes | dispensers | containers for cosmetics

  • Volga Polymer Plant produces polypropylene strapping bands and other packing items, as well as equipment and tools for packaging. The company has been selling wholesale the following packaging...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastpakendid | Eripakkimisfirmad | Eripakendamine | Pakkimis- ja pakendamismasinad ja -seadmed [+] Pakkimisettevõtjad | Polümeerid | packing bands | taping machines | tapes | plastic ribbons | packing | packaging products | packing system | packing straps

    PETAINER - Verified by Europages

    Petainer offers a wide range of lightweight, sustainable PET packaging solutions to help you grow your business and reduce your carbon footprint. We have over 35 years of experience designing and...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | pet packaging | plastic containers | plastic bottles | pet containers [+] jars, plastic | plastic food containers | one-way kegs | refillable pet bottles | 100% rpet | sustainable pet packaging | pet products manufacturers | pet bottles | plastic kegs | pet preforms

    RUMEENIA- Bucuresti
    PROCESS COLOR - Verified by Europages

    Process Color is a cardboard and plastic packaging manufacturer from Romania. We create and manufacture - thermoformed packaging, different models and dimensions, according to customer’s specific...

    Tarnija: Plastkastid | Plastpakendid | Pakkematerjalid - paber ja papp | Pappkastid | Toidupakendid [+] Pakkepaberi tootmine | Eripakendamine | Pakkimiskangad | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Plasti termovormimismasinad | kraft paper bag | paper box | rigid box | cardboard boxes | custom boxes

    ITAALIA- Casalmaggiore
    ROTOFIL - Verified by Europages

    Rotofil has worked cutting plastic film since 1980. The company is based between the provinces of Cremona, Mantova, Reggio Emilia and Parma. It is in the business of converting plastic films for food...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastkiled | Plastkiled ja -lehed | Toidupakendid | packaging films [+] micro-perforated film | co-extruded polypropylene | polypropylene packaging | packaging for foods | food-grade polypropylene packaging | flexible plastic packaging | co extruded plastic films | plastic cups | filled polypropylene film | co-extruded polypropylene film

    SAKSAMAA- Blankenfelde-Mahlow

    Kunststoff-Extrusion Lehmann GmbH is a new, young and innovative family company, but its experience and knowledge is a tried and tested process that has continually developed over decades. We produce...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastipressimismasinad | Tihendid ja tihendusmaterjalid | Kummitooted | Kummi- ja plasttorud [+] Ehitustööstuse plastid | Plastprofiilid | Tööstuslikud plasttooted | Plastkatted ja -laminaadid | Plastist põrandakatted | plastic gaskets | plastic profiles | extrusion of plastic profile sections | coextruded plastic profile sections | plastic profiles, extruded

    SAKSAMAA- Wiggensbach
    EK-PACK FOLIEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Based in Ermengerst-Wiggensbach, EK-Pack Folien GmbH was founded in 1977 and has remained a family-owned company ever since. The company draws on 20, 000 m² of production space and 220 employees to...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | packaging films | film for unitization operation | deep-drawing films | barrier films for food packaging [+] taping | packaging films for the food processing industry | vacuum bags | packing for the pharmaceutical industry | composite films | tubular bags | side sealed bags | bags on a roll | upper films | deep-drawing films

    ITAALIA- Tortona
    GLOBAL TUBE SPA - Verified by Europages

    Company specialising in the manufacture of flexible tubes, cannulas, catheters and lip tubes. Continual technological progress and a competitive and aggressive marketplace force companies to offer...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Sõeltrükk | custom made containers | plastic tubes | packing [+] packing and packaging materials | packaging systems | rigid tubes | twist caps for packaging | small tubes for packaging | lithographic printing | silk-screen printing

    ITAALIA- Tortona
    GLOBAL TUBE SPA - Verified by Europages

    Company specialising in the manufacture of flexible tubes, cannulas, catheters and lip tubes. Continual technological progress and a competitive and aggressive marketplace force companies to offer...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Sõeltrükk | custom made containers | plastic tubes | packing [+] packing and packaging materials | packaging systems | rigid tubes | twist caps for packaging | small tubes for packaging | lithographic printing | silk-screen printing

    RUMEENIA- Satu Mare
    THE BEAUTY OF PLASTIC - Verified by Europages

    Specializing in packaging products, The Beauty of Plastic offers our clients a diverse range of packaging products such as lotion pumps, trigger sprayers, mist sprayers, plastic caps, foam and cream...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | sprayers | foam pumps | plastic caps | plastic pumps [+] cosmetic packaging | perfume bottle designer | toothbrushes | perfume packaging to order | lotion pump | myst sprayer | trigger sprayer | perfume sprayer | cream pump

    ITAALIA- Motta Di Livenza
    INIPRESS SPA - Verified by Europages

    Inipress was the first plastic industry company in the Motta di Livenza area, Treviso province. Its name comes from the injection press, the main technology used in the moulding of materials. Enables...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plastkastid | Plastpakendid | Toidupakendid | Plastmaterjalide vormimine [+] plastic materials | packing and packaging containers | packaging for foods | plastic containers for the food and canning industry | pp packaging

    VENEMAA- Moscow
    MELNIR LLC - Verified by Europages

    Melnir has been offering turnkey food packaging solutions since 2011 and produces high-quality, functional plastic and glass packaging for spices and seasonings. Our grinders are good for grinding...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Klaasanumad - kodutarbed | Klaas | Klaaspudelid ja -purgid | Vürtsid [+] spice jar | packaging development | glass bottles for condiments | glass items for food products | food packaging | packaging for foods | spreaders | storage jar | spice grinders

    HISPAANIA- Sabadell
    PACS CORPORATION - Verified by Europages

    PACS International is a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona that specialises in the worldwide distribution of complete solutions for raw materials, ingredients, packaging (glass, plastic,...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Mesi | Piimatooted | Külmutatud ja sügavkülmutatud toiduained | Lisandid toidule [+] Päikesekaitsevahendid | Kuivatatud puuviljad | packaging of food products | manufacturer of haircare products | foundation | face-care products | pharmaceutical packaging | grooming products for men | cocoa and derivatives

    POOLA- Brześć Kujawski
    PROEX PACK SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    A leading manufacturer of multi-layer barrier foil packaging (film packaging) for various industries, including for packing meats, fish, peeled vegetables and fruits. The offer includes: bottom and...

    Tarnija: Plastpakendid | Plasttooted mööblitööstusele | Plasttooted põllumajandustootmisele | Fleksotrükk | ldpe and hdpe bags [+] plastic materials | plastic bags and film for the food and canning industry | food packaging | plastic materials for packaging | extensible food film | industrial plastics | shrink bags | vacuum sachet packing | easily open vacuum bags

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