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  • High power – clean air. Today, when coolant pressures, cutting speeds and processing speeds in machine tools are increasing all the time, ever more aerosols are being produced, and these aerosols are... Tarnija: Air purification - equipment and systems | air purification plants | installation of suction systems | air pollutant exhausters | exhausters for machine tools [+] heat regeneration systems | air purifiers | air pollution controller | spray lubrication devices | industrial extraction systems | air cleaning filter installation | air purifying filter assistance | oil mist collectors | oil mist collecting systems | ventilation systems with heat recovery
    SAKSAMAA - Untermünkheim
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  • We deal with modern technology of de-dusting, filtration and neutralization of air pollutants for all branches of industry in Poland and in the world. We have a modern technological base, providing... Tarnija: Air purification - equipment and systems | air purification installation service | air purification installation assembly | air filtration in cement plants | Tööstushoonete ehitamine [+] Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed | Õhusaaste kõrvaldamise masinad ja seadmed | Õhusaaste kontrollimise teenused | filtering bags | flue gas ducts | industrial dust exhausters | horizontal and vertical bag filters | flue gas desulphurisation installations | designing industrial protection systems
    POOLA - Kościan
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