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    SAKSAMAA- Viernheim
    THOLANDER ABLUFTTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been an expert partner to our customers for more than 30 years – from the planning phase all the way through to commissioning and maintenance. Our trained service team will assume...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | activated carbon filter | installation of air exhausting systems | bubblers for fumes and gases [+] dust filters | engineering for water treatment plants | water treatment plant management | filter systems | adsorption of odours by activated carbon | dust removal equipment for humidification | filters | air filters | air filtration system | biofilters

    SAKSAMAA- Untermünkheim
    AFS AIRFILTER SYSTEME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    High power – clean air. Today, when coolant pressures, cutting speeds and processing speeds in machine tools are increasing all the time, ever more aerosols are being produced, and these aerosols are...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | installation of suction systems | air pollutant exhausters | exhausters for machine tools | heat regeneration systems [+] air purification plants | air purifiers | air pollution controller | spray lubrication devices | industrial extraction systems | air cleaning filter installation | air purifying filter assistance | oil mist collectors | oil mist collecting systems | ventilation systems with heat recovery

    VENEMAA- Moscow
    EVROMARKET - Verified by Europages

    «SE «Evromarket» Ltd is a manufacturer of shop fittings and refrigerated display units and windows. Our production plant consists of: Main section which produces shelving for shops, A division that...

    Tarnija: Alused ja kastid | Reklaam ja üritused kauplustes ja supermarketites | Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Kauplusesisustus | Kassad [+] Poeriiulid | Laoriiulid | Poevitriinid | Külmutusseadmetega vitriinid ja vaateaknad | commercial refrigerators | metal shelves for shops | shop shelving | greengrocery furniture | store design | shelving

    SAKSAMAA- Neresheim
    NEUHAUSER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Raumklima-shop.de a trading platform for Neuhauser GmbH & Co.KG. Neuhauser GmbH & Co KG has been operating since 1980. We remain an owner-run, family business to the present day and our key area of...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | air purifiers | air purification plants | airpur 360 | helios [+] kwl ec 500 | disinfectant dispensers | airpal go | radial fans | air dehumidification | heaters | patio heaters | underdesk radiant heaters | room air filters | uv room air filters

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  • Our company specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative odour eliminator Helmetex. Smell is a product of the vital activity of bacteria. Helmetex kills bacteria and eliminates the...

    Tarnija: Koristus- ja hooldusseadmed ja -varustus | Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Hügieeni- ja ilutooted | aromatic products | environmental deodorants [+] deodorants for plastics | anti-bacterial treatments | carpet cleaning products | car cleaning product | air fresheners, household | household deodorants | shoe and accessory cleaning | treatment of smells | household and industrial deodorizers | treating and destroying odours

    HISPAANIA- Valencia
    ONLINE B TRUST - Verified by Europages

    ONLINE B TRUST is a Spanish-based company that specialises in the sale of ceiling fans. We offer fans with and without built-in lights, traditional, modern and designer. You can also discover our...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tööstuslikud ventilaatorid | Kliimaseadmed, õhutus- ja ventileerimisseadmed | ceiling fans for industrial use | ceiling fan [+] blade fan | fans | air fans for industrial use | air conditioning, aeration, ventilation | air destratification fans | silent fans | ceiling fans without light | ceiling fans with light | traditional ceiling fans | modern ceiling fans

    SAKSAMAA- Aachen
    KRANTZ GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1882 by the engineer Hermann Krantz, who gave his name to the company, Krantz GmbH now develops, designs, manufactures and distributes air supply, heating and cooling systems. In addition,...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | cooling systems | heaters | filtration systems | plant construction [+] industrial ventilation | ventilation systems | barrier systems | waste air purification | ventilation technology | air outlet | ventilation outlet | suspended particle filters | hvac | post combustion

  • VIROBUSTER® air purification systems use effective UV-C technology, and offer the safest and most efficient alternative to traditional air purification processes. "Scientifically proven innovations...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | air purification plants | air purifiers | air disinfection equipment | anti-aerosol air purifiers (viruses + bacteria) [+] ultraviolet air disinfection equipment | wall air purifiers | uv-c air purifiers

    SAKSAMAA- Neuss
    BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With an extensive program BEKO TECHNOLOGIES stands for compressed air technology "at its best". For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality,...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Filtreerimisseadmed ja -tarvikud | Suruõhusüsteemid ja -tööriistad | Suruõhuseadmed | Surugaas [+] Mõõtmine – aparaadid ja instrumendid | Gaasifiltrid | desiccation | metrology | compressed air filters | compressed air systems and equipment | condensers | membrane filters | filtering membranes | activated carbon filter

    ITAALIA- Pian Camuno
    SBM - IRFI SPA - Verified by Europages

    SBM-IRFI SPA designs, supplies, assembles and dismantles equipment both in Italy and abroad in the following fields: ironwork and steelwork, petrochemicals/oil & gas, waste water treatment, chemical...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Elektriahjud ja -lõõmutusahjud | Raua- ja terasetööstus ning valukojad - masinad ja sisseseade | Jäätmetöötlusmasinad ja -seadmed | Noolutusahjud [+] Suitsuväljutussüsteemid - tuleohutus | Tööstusliku sisseseade paigaldamine ja demonteerimine | Tööstuslikud ahjud ja lõõmutusahjud | industrial system design | metallurgy furnaces | ladle wagons | high & low pressure tanks | lf-eaf | penstocks and sluices | installation of air extraction plants

    POOLA- Kościan
    INSTAL-FILTER SA - Verified by Europages

    We deal with modern technology of de-dusting, filtration and neutralization of air pollutants for all branches of industry in Poland and in the world. We have a modern technological base, providing...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tööstushoonete ehitamine | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed | Õhusaaste kõrvaldamise masinad ja seadmed [+] Õhusaaste kontrollimise teenused | filtering bags | flue gas ducts | industrial dust exhausters | horizontal and vertical bag filters | flue gas desulphurisation installations | designing industrial protection systems | atex devices and installations | industrial gases neutralization | cyclo-filters

  • Since 1986, Bomaksan specializes in the manufacturing of industrial air filtration systems. We produce dust collectors, bag house filters pleated bag house filters, cyclones, oil mist filters,...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed | air treatment systems [+] air treatment | air purification | air purifiers | air filtration system | fume collectors for ventilation ducts | air filters | cartridge filters | centrifugal filters | centrifugal fans | cyclones for air cleaning

  • Our aim is not only to identify each individual technical task but also to work towards comprehensive solutions while keeping cost-effectiveness, amortisation, safety and environmental sustainability...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Kliimaseadmed, õhutus- ja ventileerimisseadmed | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | used machines | fans [+] chamber dryers | surface treatment | industrial fans | high-pressure ventilators for industrial use | mobile dust removal devices | fan hire | filter systems | drying tunnels | drying racks/paternoster | temperature control systems

    VENEMAA- Yekaterinburg
    URALACTIV LTD - Verified by Europages

    The Russian company UralActiv LLC has been successfully developing since 2006 in Yekaterinburg. It has own manufacturing site of more than 1 ha area. The company UralActiv LLC is engaged in the...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Plastmasstooted masinatele | Tööstuslikud ventilaatorid | chemical hoods | plastic pipes for air ducts [+] air exhausters | fume scrubbers | ventilation components | gas scrubbers | scrubbers with tank | fume hood | polypropylene ventilator | pp tank | galvanic tank

  • SO.TEC
    ITAALIA- Almenno San Bartolomeo
    SO.TEC - Verified by Europages

    SO.TEC is an engineering company which, for over 20 years, has been involved in the design, supply and production of air purification installations for smoke/oil mists and dust present in the air....

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Suitsuväljutussüsteemid - tuleohutus | coalescence filters | post-vulcanisation rubber moulding | dust extraction systems [+] oil mist separators | coalescence installations | filter presses for all industrial processes | air filters | coalescence filters | oil mist filtering | coalescence filtering | industrial dust extraction

    Kaubamärgid : GALIGANI FILTRI

    ITAALIA- Cartigliano
    EXPANSION ELECTRONIC - Verified by Europages

    For 40 years Expansion Electronic has been manufacturing electrostatic air filtering and purification systems. We guarantee the quality of indoor air with energy savings. Our filters provide maximum...

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | air suction devices | ionizers | ozonation systems to eliminate odours | aspirator systems for hotel kitchens [+] electrostatic filters | impact filters | activated carbon filters | restaurant extractor fans | dry fume suction | oil vapour aspiration | welding smoke aspirators | electrostatic cooling cells | filters for air purifying systems

    PRANTSUSMAA- Bruebach
    WALUSA INGENIERIE - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tööstuslikud ventilaatorid | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed

    BELGIA- Antwerpen
    MEDICCLEANAIR - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed

    AEROSTAR - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Õhukuivatusseadmed

  • Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tööstuslikud eemaldusseadmed | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | Gaasi ja suitsu väljatõmbeseadmed

    SAKSAMAA- Aachen
    SPHAIRLAB GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

    PRANTSUSMAA- Bondoufle
    CORAL - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed | Gaasi ja suitsu väljatõmbeseadmed | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | Tööstuslikud ventilaatorid

  • Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

  • Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

    SAKSAMAA- Renningen
    NERLING SYSTEMRÄUME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

    SAKSAMAA- Reutlingen
    AP-SYSTEMS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

  • Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

  • Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

  • Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Õhu desinfektsiooniseadmed ja -süsteemid | Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid | Tolmueemalduse sisseseade ja seadmed | Õhu filtreerimise seadmed

    SAKSAMAA- Duisburg
    SPARBUTLER UG - Verified by Europages

    Tarnija: Õhupuhastusseadmed ja -süsteemid

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