For 100 years, we have been providing a varied, high-quality range of equipment for storage and business purposes. We are specialists, focussing our high quality, practical products on a number of areas: LABELLING. MARKING. DISPLAY. As part of methodologies such as Lean Production, the 5S work structure and Kanban, labelling is a key component of production, assembly and storage. We offer an extremely large variety of different products for the labelling of warehouse and transport containers, shelving, machines and components. Our products are not only functional, the high quality workmanship and long service life they provide really sets them apart. STORING. PICKING. TRANSPORTING. Our pull-out solutions offer perfect support during order picking, assembly and production. Employees always have easy access to goods via the drawers, allowing an optimum use of storage space.

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  • 11 – 50
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  • Asutamisaasta 1920
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Hulgimüüja

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  • Valdemar Krog GmbH
  • Valdemar Krog GmbH
  • Mega Flex

Selle ettevõttega seotud võtmesõnad

  • Kontorimööbel
  • Pallet labelling
  • Ground markings
  • Mesh box labelling
  • Magnetic pockets
  • Clear pockets for transport containers
  • Wire hanger pockets
  • Label holders
  • For labelling, magnetic
  • Warehouse identification
  • Aisle signs
  • Shelf signs
  • Shelf labels
  • Information frames
  • Pull-out shelving
  • Drawer shelving
  • Floor mounted pull-out units
  • Shelf drawers
  • Pull-out pallet units
  • Pallet drawers
  • Pallet accessories
  • Stacking corners
  • Pallet collars
  • Collar dividers
  • Height-adjustable workbenches
  • Packing tables
  • Roller table
  • Stores and factory equipment
  • Electrical insulation tape
  • Lifting column
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