Do you need special, ready-to-install products made of fibre-reinforced plastics? Then we should get in touch. Creative solutions with fibre composite components/Ready-to-install GRP/CRP/Tailored/Series products and unique items. We are your system supplier for high-quality fibre composite components. Don't try just to replace your steel component with GRP. Make the most of our expertise in [consulting and planning] to develop the right and cost-effective components. Specialists work in-house at our company with a great deal of practical experience in their [designs]. This is how an idea is turned into a system component. [Production] We produce your components. Ready to install. CNC machinery, dust extraction, adhesive bonding experts, quality assurance. We'll do that for you. Simply contact us. DIN 6701-A1 | DIN 2304-S1 | DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 | IRIS certification | ISO/TS 22163 Founded 1994 | 50 qualified employees | 4800 m² production and warehouse area | CNC machinery

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  • Asutamisaasta 1994
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Valmistaja/ Tootja

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