Royal Dress forms (RDf) is a manufacturer of high-end dressmakers mannequins and accessories. Elastic polymer mannequins are suitable for clothing factories and studios, and as a training tool in sewing classes and workshops.

The special feature of the mannequins by RDf is the elastic filling (HDPU foam), which is easily compressible, resistant to shocks and falls and perfectly retains its shape. Sewing pins can be stuck into and clothes can be ironed directly on the mannequin. For upholstery, materials with impregnation against dust and moisture are used.

The company entered the market of professional tailors and display dummies in 2014.

The range of RDf includes dress forms for different tasks:
•Monica is a mannequin with markings and a cotton cover, that makes it easy to create paper patterns for clothing.
•Penelope is a professional super-soft mannequin for making bustiers, lingerie and corsets.
•Betty is a half-size mannequin, suitable for courses in cutting and tailoring.
•Richard is a male mannequin with shoulder pads for constructing coats and jackets.

Mannequins of fixed height and body build are designed for different types of body shapes. The manufacturer also makes heads for creating hoods and collars, arms for constructing sleeves, legs for sewing shorts and pants, padding systems for mannequins.

RDf offers production of personal mannequins according to the customer's body shape through 3D-scanning and 5-axis milling, delivery of finished products.

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