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Inci Prefabric & Container was established in 2018 as its modern and innovative face with a high knowledge to meet the market needs in the field of modular building technologies. We offer pre-engineered building solutions in many areas, from worker camps to social housing, from mass housing to social facilities, and from modular structures to commercial and specially designed buildings. We manufacture tiny houses, modular containers, solar energy systems for modular structures, prefabricated buildings, and many more to be discovered on our website! Our flat pack modular containers and prefab buildings are designed and packaged to facilitate on-site assembly and reduce transportation and logistics costs. In addition, we provide inspection and assembly services for construction site living quarters and various prefabricated modular buildings for your large construction projects. As a manufacturer of the prefabricated container and modular cabin structures in Turkey, we export to European and African countries. Our steel structures and sandwich panels are certified according to international standards. We design and manufacture specific projects to meet the architectural and quality requirements of our customers. Contact us for more information!

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Inci Container

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