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We have five decades of globally recognized experience in the production of thick-film hybrid circuits, pressure sensors, custom-made products and medical devices. We provide a full range of services covering processes from development to series production to create custom products based on our customer’s needs. The hybrid technology used in the HYB manufacturing process combines different technologies with the aim of producing high-quality and powerful pressure sensors. We offer customized solutions from minor modifications of standard hybysens® branded products to the development of completely new pressure sensors based on customer requirements. The medical program is the result of long-term development and stems from many years of experience in pressure sensor production. The most extensive is the invasive blood pressure measurement program, trademarked hybymed® and standalone components which are also available for further installation. An ISO 13485 certified and maintained quality management system and proper production in clean room (Class 8 by ISO 14644-1) guarantee the high and consistent quality of our products. All hybymed® products are CE certified. The operation of the company is coordinated with the quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 and the requirements of medical regulation. We present our innovative solutions to the public and as recipients of numerous awards we are proud to be among the most innovative Slovenian companies.

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