These are our strengths. GTS Hamburg offers you the benefits of a family-run company with a large network of contacts all over the world. We are flexible, down to earth and respond individually to your requests. Quick agreements and fast decision making enable us to consistently adapt ourselves perfectly to changes in the local and international market. Our focus, besides trading in rare soils, chrome oxide green, EVA wax and titanium oxide, is also on producing our own lanthanum acetate and cerium acetate. We look forward to your enquiries regarding new products. We deliver our products to your from all over the world – fast, reliable and on time to wherever you need them. GTS GmbH is based near one of the world's leading harbours: In Hamburg, Germany. This makes journeys to all regions of the world much faster. Any logistics requirements our customers may have are handled quickly and reliably by our team of professionals.

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  • Seltene Erden
  • Chemische Rohstoffe aller Art
  • Chromoxid Grün

Selle ettevõttega seotud võtmesõnad

  • Keemia – tooted ja kõrvalsaadused
  • Chemical trade
  • Rare earths
  • Lanthanum acetate solution
  • Cerium acetate solution
  • Demineralised water in accordance with VDE 0510
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate wax
  • Chromium oxide green
  • Iron oxide yellow
  • Chromium oxide pigments
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Development of chemicals
  • Fillers for plastic
  • Basic chemicals
  • Organic chemicals
  • Titanium dioxide
  • additives for plastic materials
  • Fine chemicals
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  • Asutamisaasta 1993
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Hulgimüüja

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