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Production of deburring brushes, cylindrical brushes, tube brushes, technical brushes, wire brushes, nylon brushes, twisted brushes, brushes for washing systems, truck wash brushes, car wash brushes. The Fridolin Müller company was founded in 1952 under the name of Tierhaarverwertung Fridolin Müller. It worked with cattle hair, some of which came from German cattle. Most of it, however, was imported from America. These hairs were processed in four working operations to create the so-called "bakers' bundles". The working operations included: Loosening the hairs using a so-called "hair-wolf", heckling them (which means combing them into one direction), "pulling" the hairs to different lengths and then binding the different lengths to make "bakers' bundles". Those bundles were then delivered to the paint brush factories. Machines were used for some of the individual working operations. From about 1969, brushes for carwashes were also produced. 1972 was the beginning of the production of technical brushes. In that year, a company that mainly made powdering systems for confectioneries was taken over. Occasionally, that company also produced technical brushes. Over the years, powdering systems were marketed less, and they focused more and more on the production and marketing of technical brushes as well as car wash brushes and rollers for cleaning machines. The range includes a wide choice of cylindrical brushes.


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