Developers and manufacturers of high-precision components, units and systems for linear and rotary movement in automation technology and precision mechanical engineering. Föhrenbach products are the solution for guiding, driving, movement, control and positioning tasks. The additional products offered alongside these solutions expand the range to provide complete customer-specific solutions up to and including special machines. The supply range includes, for example, SVAN adjusting slides, dovetail slides, roller slides and compound slides, motor-controlled precision slides with KBS, KCS and KCL ball bushing guides (with direct drive), compact PCL and PFL profile guide slides with integrated linear motor and measuring system, PFS profile guide slides with spindle drive, LDH direct drive handling modules, RT2A rotary table series (with screw drive) and RT3A series (direct drive), rotating and swivelling units, indexing heads, press axes, and linear and path control systems.

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Rotary-swivel unit RT3A100

The rotary table combination RT3A100 consists of two directly driven rotary tables of the RT3A100 series. The B-axis has a swivelling range from approx. -10° to +110°;

Rotary tables and linear axis

The top-precision linear and rotary direct- drives offer substantial advantages for the realization for challenging positioning tasks and allow highest speed and acceleration performance.

Föhrenbach GmbH

Manuelle Schlittenführungen und Linearführungen

Präzisionsachsen mit integriertem Linearmotor


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  • Complete Systems

  • Handlingsmodul LDH

  • Multi-Axis System

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  • Infosüsteemid - nõustamine
  • Production of machine tools
  • Positioning equipment
  • Coordinate tables
  • Linear equipment
  • Rotary indexing tables
  • Positioning laser
  • Slide guides
  • Control technology
  • Linear units
  • Handling systems
  • Round guides
  • Laser alignment systems
  • Dovetail guides
  • Roller slides
  • Cross slides
  • Precision axles
  • precision machines
  • positioners
  • linear systems
  • turntables
  • cnc tools
  • Linear motor modules
  • linear axes

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