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Thanks to more than 60 years of concentrated further development of our core business, our company now specialises in producing grids and meshes of all kinds for our customers. We provide products both for retail and directly for end customers. Our company was founded in 1945 as a metalworking company with subdivisions for fencing and door construction. Even in its early years, the company incorporated a small mechanical engineering department, in order to design wire processing machines for in-house use. In the 1970s, wire weaving developed into an equally important source of income for the company. In 1978, the first fully automatic production facility for corrugated grids and stamping grids was built, the company relocated to Erkrath and new markets were opened up thanks to the company concentrating on manufacturing wire meshes. In 1995, the product range was expanded to include spot-welded grids and profile edgings. Manufacturing is now carried out on four fully automated production lines.


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  • Stainless steel wire grids
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  • Spot-welded stainless steel wire grids
  • Pressed screens
  • metal wire
  • Metal wire grids