Caba includes a group of brands that can offer a wide range of cutting edge and high quality machinery and equipment for the farming mechanization market. Our strong point stands in having the entire manufacturing process within our site. The high quality finished products that meet the highest performance, comfort, safety and efficiency standards are achieved by only using parts made in Europe, specifically in Italy.

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  • CT 20 trimmer, projected for vineyards, usable with various interchangeable tools.

  • Milling soil rake for in-row soil working in orchards and vineyards to value soil fertility

  • Combination of 2 Lotti tools to do a quick and effective weed control

  • Single reversible in-row cultivator for orchard and vineyard, available in both hydraulic and electro-hydraulic models

  • Innovative turbine sprayers of the brand VICAR, with different air units adapt to any kind of cultivation.

  • Platforms for orchard management of the brand MACFRUIT, usable for different operations in orchards like fruit harvesting, anti-hail nets setting-up and pneumatic pruning

  • Patented wire chopper for inter-row grass cutting in orchards and vineyards, with the possibility to change the wires one by one

  • Double reversible inter-row cultivators, for rows width between 2.3 and 3.3m. Available both with or without hydraulic tank

  • Dry-cut bar for pruning usable with our trimmers in orchards and vineyards

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  • 1 – 10
  • Ettevõtte liik Ettevõtte liik Peakorter, Peamaja
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  • Põllutöömasinad
  • agricultural machinery for orchards
  • agricultural machinery for vineyards
  • self-propelled lift platforms
  • self-propelled cherry pickers
  • self-propelled pruning lift platforms
  • farm tractors
  • small powered farm machines
  • milling machines
  • atomizers for agricultural machines
  • sprayers for farm machinery
  • sprayers for farm machinery
  • fruit harvesting trolleys
  • bush shredder for agriculture
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