Our patented casting resin system, ALWA MOULD D, is the fastest curing casting resin system in the world. It is very easy to process and does not need to be post-tempered. Our easy to use system has a pot life of only 20 minutes! Deep drawing can take place immediately after demoulding. From 1 to 2500 kg, everything from large bathtubs to small chocolate moulds can be cast. Commercial vehicle manufacturer Aixam has been successfully working with our system for years. With our innovative ALWA POR porous plates, the time-consuming drilling of vacuum holes is no longer necessary. They impress with high stability, compressive strength and a permanent temperature resistance of over 190 °C. ALWA POR is suitable for vacuum deep drawing and forming processes as well as aeration for aquariums, fish ponds and sewage treatment plants, ventilation of injection and blow moulds, all processes with hot air and steam, vacuum clamping technology, filter applications, air film sliding technology, foundry, etc.

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