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  • POFI-Engineering puts its extensive applied research and industrialization experience in dosing, mixing and thermoregulation skills for all fluid, gaseous and solid components heat at your service.... Tarnija: Gaasisegud | high pressure mixer head | high pressure fluid dosing | high pressure temperature control | nucleation [+] sandwich panel line | polyurethane foam spread | machine for dosing polyurethane | high pressure dosing pump | high pressure fluid mixture | polyurethane injection | polyurethane production line training | fixed head for applying polyurethane foam | high pressure exchangers
    LUKSEMBURG - Frisange
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  • Chemogas fills gas bottles, blends, sells and distributes chemical gases all over the world. Chemogas supplies a wide range of gases, for example for sterilizing medical equipment, metal annealing,... Tarnija: Gaasisegud | Suru- ja vedelgaasid | Vedelgaasid | Meditsiinilised gaasid | Anorgaanilise keemia toorained ja derivaadid [+] polyethylene | liquefied gases | ammonia | chemical gases | sterilizing gases | propylene oxide supplier | ethylene oxide supplier | methylamines supplier | hydrogen chloride supplier
    BELGIA - Grimbergen
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  • Tarnija: Gaasisegud | Gaas - tootmisjaamad | regulation and mixing systems for gaseous fluids | joints for gas valves
    POOLA - Paczkowo
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  • Tarnija: Gaasisegud | carbon dioxide | technical gases | compressed gases
    ITAALIA - Laterina
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  • Tarnija: Gaasisegud
    UKRAINA - Petrovskoe Village
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