WIRECON offers the right product or service for any requirement, whether for new systems, used machines, refurbishments or servicing and consultation to achieve specific productivity increases. WIRECON is the right place to be both now and in the future. Exchange old products for new ones, turn limited options into the highest degree of flexibility and swap long turnaround times for profitable levels of productivity. WIRECON will support you at every stage, from project planning to commissioning and disassembly. It's that easy to invest in a successfully future. Our range of services covers machines and modules, conversions and accessories, as well as consultation and servicing. We can provide custom solutions for any budget. Our range of products and services means that we are your partner for maintaining and increasing your productivity.

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  • Modernisierung
  • Generalüberholung
  • Demontage & Remontage

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  • Traaditõmbamis- ja -töötlusmasinad
  • Side-cutting shears
  • Spare parts for industry
  • Mesh welding machines
  • Linear equipment
  • Used machines
  • Used welding machines
  • Cutting shears
  • Wire spreaders
  • Automation technology
  • Welded wire mesh bending machines
  • Welded wire mesh welding machines
  • Panel fence filled with double wire
  • Wire bending machines
  • Wire mesh welding systems
  • Gabions
  • Trellis beams
  • Levellers for concrete reinforcement steel
  • Specialist welding machines
  • Special machines for wirework
  • Presses serviced
  • wire drawing machine
  • Machine wires
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