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For 45 years, TROPICAL foods have enjoyed great popularity and recognition in the aquarium industry. They exported to more than 80 countries around the globe Our offer: •WATER TREATMENT PRODUCT Tropical water treatment products contain all the necessary ingredients to treat the water in the aquarium and adapt it to the needs of its inhabitants. The offer is complemented by specialized salts useful during transportation and hatching. •PRO DEFENCE – PROBIOTIC FOODS IN THE PROBIOTIC LINE PRO DEFENCE includes foods with probiotic for everyday feeding of fish. The food is available in four sizes: Micro Size, XXS, S and M. •SOFT LINE – INNOVATIVE CONCEPT OF AQUARIUM PRODUCTS Soft granules, high hydrostability, exceptional assimilability and abundance of nutrients – these are truly unique characteristics of this line of aquarium products. The Polish manufacturer has developed a unique method of manufacturing soft extruded foods, which are more attractive to fish and more easily digested. •TROPICAL PREMIUM LINE Premium Line includes both universal and specialist foods intended for feeding fish with specifics dietary demands. •TROPICAL MARINE POWER This is a line of foods, water treatment products, sea salt designed for marine aquariums. Tropical offer could not miss specialized foods for ornamental pond fish dedicated to koi, sturgeons and other species. For more information, we invite you to visit our website.

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