Smolensk Plant of Plastic Products LLC is a modern an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic closures the "Guala" type (mainly for vodka).

Our five-piece plastic caps consist of: top cap, inner cap, outer body, divider (dispenser), eyelash (protects against leakage). Our tamper evident capping devices.

Modern technologies at our enterprise allow us to decorate products with hot foil stamping, silk-screen printing and with a combination of both methods of decoration. The color of the outer shell of the product is created by spraying and painting with a paste.

We provide services for the metallization and dusting of plastic caps and lids.

We decorate the cap so that it is memorable, stylish and reflects the character of the drink and its premium quality. The design of our plastic cap: prevents the drink from leaking, protects against unauthorized opening, allows you to gently pour the drink.

We will help to bring to life any of your ideas and offer an individual solution for the development of cap decoration.

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  • Asutamisaasta 2012
  • Ettevõtte liik Ettevõtte liik Peakorter, Peamaja
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Valmistaja/ Tootja

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  • Manufacture of plastic closures for the alcohol industry
  • Production of plastic caps and stoppers from polypropylene
  • Polymer multicomponent cap
  • Сaps for vodka
  • Plastic closures
  • Closures
  • Decorating caps
  • Stopper ring
  • Metallization and sputtering of plastic caps
  • bottles caps
  • plastic plugs
  • pressure caps
  • covers
  • stoppers
  • pads
  • plastic covers for packing
  • plastic capsules for packaging
  • Plastic lids
  • plastic caps
  • Capsules for customised bottle topping
  • plastic stoppers for packaging
  • pilfer-proof caps
  • Stoppers for vodka
  • Manufacturer of stoppers
  • Plastic stopper
  • plastic closures for packing
  • cork
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