Simer Sac Metal Processing & Lift is a company based in Turkey that specializes, both in CNC cutting and bending, and lifting machinery manufacturing. With many years of experience in knowledge we are capable of responding to our customers every requirement.As Simer Sac Metal Processing Center, we provide laser cutting, plasma cutting, profile and tube laser cutting, optical cutting, press brakes, tube bending, cnc tube processing, robotic welding and metal sheet belding services within our own facility. We can respond to our client’s CNC cutting and bending machines requirements. In addition, we offer sheet metal sales in a closed area of 5.000m². As Simer Lift, we design and manufacture high security lifting system products using highest quality materials. We always seek to raise the existing standard even further.Simerlift is the work of a carefully planned production by using the years of experience and knowledge developed through long R&D and testing processes. We guarantee that by buying Simerlift branded lifting systems you will acquire products of high technology, long-lasting usage, better service and spare parts warranty.Our vision is to become a worldwide brand in the lifting machinery industry.We always aim high and focus on the highest standards. We are deeply committed meeting highest quality demands. Our mission: Is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers and stakeholders while producing environmentally friendly competitive products and services.

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  • Simer Sac Inc.
  • Quality and R&D with 3D CMM
  • Metal Sheet Laser Cutting

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  • Mustmetallprofiil
  • profile and tube laser cutting
  • stack
  • transpalet
  • electronical forklifts
  • material handling
  • Cnc press break
  • Ponch machine
  • Stacker
  • Electrical transpalet
  • Robot welding
  • Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal
  • cnc cut
  • alloyed steel sheet metal
  • lift
  • plasma cut machines
  • side forklift trucks
  • Spare parts - forklift trucks
  • Plasma cutting
  • Lifting - forklift and pallet trucks
  • Metal processing
  • cnc bending
  • forklift truck
  • laser cutting units
  • forks for forklift trucks
  • Accessories for forklifts
  • assembly of thin sheet metal
  • Tube bending
  • Plasma cutting unit
  • laser cutting
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