Schock Metall is your development partner and supplier for ball bearing telescopic slides, special profiles, assemblies and sliding systems. The basis for the quality of our products is the Schock roll forming technology, which we have been using for more than 40 years on in-house developed equipment. In joint project planning with you we develop economical solutions for series production according to your customer requirements. The running characteristics can be configured according to your specifications, for example with AIR MOTION smooth-action sliding or with a controlled MOTION CONTROL running characteristic. Take advantage of our entire range of services: from engineering to roll forming and assembly to your individual sliding system. Our sales and trading partners also provide you with a standard range of telescopic slides. They are available as partial extension, full extension and over-extension slides with load capacities from 10 kg up to 200 kg and in lengths from 150 mm up to 1500 mm.

Our products for you:
Ball bearing slides, telescopic slides, heavy duty slides, sliding systems, special profiles, assemblies.

Our range of services for you:
Roll forming, punching, powder coating, welding, assembly, quality assurance, logistics.

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  • Asutamisaasta 1978
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Valmistaja/ Tootja

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  • Schock Metall Firmensitz in 73660 Urbach

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  • Mustmetallprofiil
  • Külmvaltsitud profiil
  • Ball linear guides
  • Profiles made of belt material
  • Telescopic rails
  • Roller linear guides
  • Hot-rolled special profiles
  • Stainless-steel profiles
  • Guide rails for metal construction
  • Drawer slides for furnishings
  • Metal profiles
  • Guide rails
  • Heavy duty telescopic pull-out rails
  • Steel drawers for the office furniture industry
  • Guide systems
  • Ball bearing telescopic rails
  • Cold-rolled profiles
  • Made-to-order cold-rolled profiles
  • Zinc die-cast parts
  • Plastic die-cast parts
  • Roll-formed components
  • Production of pull-out systems
  • Bespoke furniture solutions
  • cold worked profiles
  • steel profiles
  • profiles
  • aluminium profiles
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