Pellets - Sunflower husk pellets



Sunflower husk pellets are made of the husks of sunflower seeds left over from the process of kernel extraction during the production of sunflower oil. The granulation process (creation of pellets) occurs under high pressure, without the addition of any chemicals. Sunflower husk pellets can be a good alternative to wood pellets. They are usually used for combustion at power plants working on biomass and for industrial boilers. Sunflower husk pellets typically have an ash content of 2-3%, versus wood pellet ash content of 1-1.5%. However, due to a more attractive price, sunflower husk pellets are increasingly used for co firing with wood pellets or coal to get a better price-to-GJ ratio. Sunflower husk pellets is an environmentally friendly type of fuel. During its combustion the amount of CO2 released is comparable to the amount released during natural decomposition. Our company offers sunflower husk pellets on three directions: the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.