Portex has been manufacturing tank and cistern pressure lids sold in France and distributing throughout the world for over 60 years. Portex is exclusively geared to supplying pressure lids. The performance and durability of these products, initially used as lids for gasifiers, have continually progressed and are now a benchmark for the widest range of industrial applications. We specialize in designing and manufacturing round, rectangular, oval external pressure lids and closures, inspection hatches, welding hatches, diameters from 100 to 1200 mm, steel and stainless steel, with or without pressure, high pressure autoclaves up to 25 bar, driptrays, safety grilles, sight glasses, manholes and vat accessories. Our development and investment strategy is based on our devotion to doing a good job and offering a quality product and service.

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PORTEX. Fabricant de portes étanches pour cuves et citernes

Les portes Portex sont fabriquées en France et distribuées à travers le monde.


Portes étanches pour cuves et citernes. Lids, manlids and hatches for tanks and containers. Dichte Türen für container und wannen.


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  • Oval autoclav manlids 310-420mm

  • Porte ronde acier ou inox - 1.3 bar de pression de service - 6 serrages de périp

  • Porte ronde acier ou inox - Diam 100 à 350

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