We offer highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems for your state-of-the-art air-conditioning and process-cooling plant. Our particular area of expertise is natural coolants in which we have many years of experience. As a sales partner of Secon GmbH, we can offer efficient and environmentally friendly systems with natural coolants from the product range of the system provider based in the southern German region of Baden-Württemberg. We also manufacture system parts and components to your specific requirements. In doing so, we combine our knowledge of cooling technology with practical expertise in plant construction. Plant construction, service and maintenance through to theoretical cooling technology. Thanks to our broad range of services and our production resources, we are able to execute projects from planning to completion. We construct large-scale refrigeration systems, which are primarily operated with natural coolants such as propane and ammonia.

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  • Prozesskühlung

  • Anlagenbau

  • Klimanlagen

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  • Kütte- ja kliimaseadmetööd
  • Tornjahutid
  • liquid radiators
  • cooling towers
  • Condensers
  • Components for air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Air cooling systems
  • Environmental test chambers
  • Cold-water additives
  • Industrial cooling plants
  • Plant construction for process engineering
  • Large-scale refrigeration systems
  • Refrigerants
  • air conditioning systems
  • Plant construction
  • air conditioning systems for industrial use
  • Climatic chambers
  • cold stores

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