Cosmetics with organic olive oil | Argan oil | Donkey milk

OLIVIE natural beauty cosmetics line opens up a new world for beauty products, based on Greek organic olive oil that combines natural, organic ingredients with Mediterranean plant extracts and specific action formulas.

In our own way, that of OLIVIE, we have created natural beauty care products for complete moisturizing, revitalization, anti-aging and protection, using the wisdom of nature and the scientific knowledge of OLIVIE, where we believe that "The beauty is born in nature"

The company offers a unique experience with nature and science, thanks to its new range of cosmetic skin care and beauty products, based from Greek extra virgin olive oil.

We offer cosmetics of high quality for Women and Men

✓ 24h day cream with pomegranate extract, Vit E
✓ Anti-ageing face and neck serum
✓ Anti-Wrinkle Face & Eye Cream for men
✓ Body lotions
✓ Body butter
✓ Body mists
✓ Face Serum
✓ Exfoliating & cleansing creams
✓ Hair masks & hair oils
✓ Lip balms
✓ Massage oil
✓ Moisturizing & brightening cream
✓ Nourishing & Firming cream
✓ Night creams
✓ Shampoos
✓ Shower gels
✓ Sun care products & Sunscreens

OLIVIE natural beauty products combine unique cosmetic with healing and refreshing effects with respect to nature “eternal legend” which embodies the timeless “liquid gold” of olive oil as Homer called it.

Due to our expansion program worldwide we are seeking wholesalers and buyers for distributing our OLIVIE natural beauty products into new export markets.
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