Here at Naturaequa we develop ethical, natural, simple and essential cosmetic products. Rather than plastic, we use aluminium and glass and recycled cardboard packaging, paying ecological attention to everything from formulas to packaging, brochures and leaflets. Our aim is to provide natural, good quality products that can become a small sign of responsibility. One of our main goals is to offer high-quality, natural products, attempting to reduce the costs related to the production chain. We use raw materials like organic extra virgin olive oil, organic honey and beeswax, essential lavender oil, aloe arborescens, basil, two kinds of rose (Rosa rugosa and Rosa centifolia muscosa) and saffron, all locally sourced to sustain the neighbourhood producers. For the supply of certain raw materials such as organic argan oil, shea butter and cane sugar, we try to help far-off micro-enterprises that are part of ethical projects.

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  • hair styling
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  • sustainable cosmetics
  • ethical cosmetics
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  • hair treatment
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  • natural beauty
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  • face creams
  • hair shampoos
  • personal care and hygiene products
  • creams
  • beauty products for the face
  • toiletries
  • anti-ageing products
  • body care products
  • body care products
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