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Mi-soft company creates and develops software for businesses involved in the sale and manufacture of windows and translucent structures. The company's main product is a software for the automation of windows production called IT Okna. The program facilitates and speeds up the production and sale of windows, doors and façades made of PVC, aluminum and wood. This system can be used to automate windows production, optimize workshop and warehouse operations, schedule and calculate work orders, manage machine tools, print customers' documents, keep records of mutual settlements, transfer orders between the system's databases, export to machine modules, interact with remote branches, upload materials and update prices. The MI-Soft cloud makes it possible to take measurements, arrange automatic interaction between managers, the head of the measuring department, and the field staff. IT Okna CAD and CAM software has been developed and improved for 14 years. The developer uses the experience gained over this period of time to expand the functionality of the program and improve its usability. As of today, IT Okna is optimized for use by companies of all sizes: from small dealers to factories with a complete cycle of window production. The software can be used for the production and sale of Al windows and PVC windows. Mi-soft company offers implementation of ready-to-use automation software and technical support, covering software updates, training of managers and process engineers.

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