A 100%-French company based in Champagne, Millbäker designs and produces ingredients solutions for baking professionals and is an expert in all aspects of wheat, flour and bread. Our goal: highlight the potential and taste, nutritional and technological possibilities of each ingredient. Discover a wide range of professional baking products: flour correctors, breadmaking improvers, mixes and premixes, inclusions. They are all manufactured at our in-house Technical Centre, a hotbed on baking innovation. Most products are formulated to order in response to a specific set of demands. The company has also created a range of health food and treat products focused on meeting the needs of tomorrow's consumers. Millbäker can offer you innovative expertise in the germination of cereals to help you create a complete range of sprouted sourdoughs.

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  • Correcteurs de farine
  • Améliorants de panification
  • Création de Mixes et Prémixes

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  • Toiduained - import ja eksport
  • Ingredients for breads and pastry-making
  • Organic ingredients for breadmaking
  • Breadmaking ingredients
  • Breadmaking improvers
  • Ingredient solutions for breadmaking
  • Flour correctors
  • Craft and industrial improvers
  • Mixes and pre-mixes for special breads
  • Mixes and pre-mixes for pastries and cakes
  • Ingredients for industrial bread, pastry and cake making
  • Organic nutrition and health food
  • Toasted torrefied and malted ingredients
  • Ingredients for optimisation of industrial processes
  • Consultancy and diagnosis for wheat and flour
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Emulsifiers and enzymes
  • Germinated seeds and germination
  • Optimisation of moistness and volume
  • Doughnuts cookies brownies and muffins
  • Nutrition and nutriscore optimisation
  • Breads, sandwich loaves and baguettes
  • Burger bun brioche cakes
  • Replacement of cooking fats and eggs
  • Inclusions for breads, pastries and cakes
  • Seed topping
  • Flour mixes
  • Preparations for breads, pastries and cakes
  • Gluten-free formulations
  • baking ingredients
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