Loomknits is a Russian brand of basic children's clothing for newborns and children under 7 years old. We create clothes and accessories that cover the daily needs of mums and babies, making the routine pleasant and aesthetic.

Loomknits is a carefully thoughtful design, a perfect fit and high-quality materials that can withstand repeated use and frequent washing.

Loomknits products - clothing, envelopes and outfits for coming home, accessories and blankets - are knitted and sewn only in Russia, mainly at our own factory, so we guarantee quality control at every stage of product creation.
We produce products in limited batches, excluding overproduction.

We work with hypoallergenic materials that are suitable for children from birth. More than 70% of our assortment is made from eco-friendly materials that have confirmed environmental certificates of OEKO-Tex 100 - without harmful dyes and chemicals.

All Loomknits products have the appropriate quality certificates.

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  • Asutamisaasta 2017
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  • We give the best in the first days of a child's life
  • Beautiful seasons with Loomknits
  • Comfort in every movement
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