LIPP GmbH – CONTAINERS AND SYSTEM SOLUTIONS FOR SOLID, LIQUID AND GAS FORMULATIONS. LIPP GmbH in Tannhausen is a specialist for container construction with more than 60 years of experience. We offer you high-quality containers and system solutions made of steel for industry, municipalities and agriculture. Our unique design in the LIPP® system achieves the highest quality. With the focus on durability, flexibility and individual adaptability, we implement your project – from individual containers to turnkey systems. We implement the following products for our customers worldwide: Liquid containers, fermenters, biogas plants, buffer tanks and drinking water reservoirs. Right from the start, attention is paid to the success of the overall result. Suitable materials and high-quality accessories are used to meet the specific requirements of the contents to be stored. With over 200 patents, we have already implemented more than 30, 000 projects worldwide.

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  • Asutamisaasta 1958
  • Ettevõtte liik Ettevõtte liik Peakorter
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Valmistaja/ Tootja

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  • Das LIPP-Gelände von oben
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  • Gaasistamine - bioenergiasüsteemid
  • Anaerobic processes for biological wastewater treatment
  • Stainless steel apparatus and containers
  • Containers for wastewater treatment plants
  • Fluid containers
  • Sewage sludge containers
  • Components for biogas plants
  • Buffer tank (heat storage tank)
  • Steel silos
  • Potable water storage tanks
  • Heat storage tanks for solar-thermal energy
  • Equipment and containers made from steel
  • Apparatus and container manufacturing
  • Devices and containers for the chemical industry
  • Devices and containers for the oil industry
  • Devices and containers for the food processing industry
  • Customised devices and containers
  • Devices and containers, acid-proof
  • Containers made of special materials
  • Containers, pressureless
  • Tanks for the beverage industry
  • Biogas tanks
  • Bioreactors
  • Gas storage balloons
  • Large apparatus and large containers
  • Slurry tanks
  • Latent heat tanks
  • containers, temperature insulating
  • gas tanks
  • Fire-fighting water supplies
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