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Content preparation for online promotion is co-fnanced by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. LEAN REŠITVE is a business consulting company from Slovenia. At Lean Solutions (Lean Rešitve), we train and motivate staff how to use lean approaches, implement lean methods, with the help of different workshops, coaching’s, and trainings we improve the efficiency of staff and processes in production and logistic. The benefits of the Lean approach result in different areas of the company, such as increasing productivity, minimum losses of the production process, lower costs with higher quality, and more efficient solutions and most important we motivate and support staff to daily improve and grow. As Lean Solutions, we listen what our client's specific needs and preferences! As a result, with Lean Solutions, our customers get more sustainable and measurable results. Our methods for achievement are divided into three main areas. 1.Foundation (Basic metohods such as KPI, SFM, 5S, KAIZEN, S.M.E.D., Standard work, ...) 2.JIT (Kanban, VSM, Leveling, ...) 3.JIDOKA (TPM, PDCA, 8D, 5 Why, ...) BUSINESS PROCESS OPTIMIZATION USING LEAN METHODS •A tidy and safe workplace •Optimization of processes (procedures), increase of OEE •Maximum utilization of machines (equipment) •Quick tool change on the machine for the following product, operation •Effective communication •Reducing losses •Useful suggestions •Problem-solving •The flow of mat



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