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Karfidov lab company, founded in 2014, is an experimental design Bureau that provides services for the development of industrial product design, design documentation and complex mechanical structures, as well as engaged in electronics, circuit engineering and development of printed circuit boards, programming, production of prototypes, small-scale batches and launching into mass production. More than 200 projects have been completed during the company's operation, and many products are already being sold on the market.

Specialists are the competitive advantage of "Karfidov Lab". There are 25 engineers, designers, and designers "in house". Thanks to their skills, «Karfidov Lab» can develop an optimal development strategy, using which the prototypes of future products are as close as possible to the characteristics and aesthetic properties of serial products.

Karfidov lab, along with a few companies on the market, simultaneously owns the tools of design thinking, complex engineering, and knowledge of production technologies. The accumulated experience of working on various products for six years allows the company to broadcast developments and technologies, know-how when working on new products.

By 2019, the company occupied a quarter of the Russian industrial design market. Karfidov lab's clients include representatives of both large businesses (Sberbank, Rosatom) and small startups.

The company's head office is in Moscow.

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Our production capabilities

For example: turning and milling works, laser cutting, 3D printing, surface finishing, casting in silicone and steel molds and other types of work.

Industrial designer "Karfidov Lab" on modern industrial design

This material was created jointly with Skoltech by order of the NTI University at 20.35 and is part of the course on end-to-end technologies (http://skvot.2035.university).

Center for Engineering Design "Karfidov Lab"

We tried to look into the future and speculate about the development of the company in the coming years.

Center for Engineering Design "Karfidov Lab"

On the implementation of the introduction of the needle and drug in one compact body.

Center for Engineering Design "Karfidov Lab"

What is the difficulty in creating a new product for the market? What is bad design? Answers in a short video.

Center for Engineering Design "Karfidov Lab"

The first part of our new history. The first video shows a cut of the working moments, briefly tells the story of the company's creation and our principles. We invite the industry to cooperate!

Center for Engineering Design "Karfidov Lab"

Karfidov lab Eng

Some key philosophical features of Karfidov Lab engineering and design company

Engineering at "Karfidov Lab"

We have tried to put together the fundamental principles that our team adheres to in its work.


Selle ettevõtte postitatud pildid

  • Design optimization and consulting

  • Development of caps and mechanical structures

  • Development of design documentation

Selle ettevõttega seotud võtmesõnad

  • Tööstusdisain
  • Insenerid - tööstuskonsultandid
  • Tehnilise disaini konsultandid
  • Tööstuslikud prototüübid
  • Tööstuslike analüüside laboratoorium
  • Disainikonsultandid
  • Documentation development
  • Product design
  • Prototypes and serial product production
  • automatic full cycle installations
  • quick prototyping
  • computer engineering consultants
  • industrial system design
  • industrial design studio
  • microprocessor consultants
  • customised product design and manufacturing
  • machine tool design and construction consultants
  • engineering consulting
  • electrical and electronic instrument consultants
  • industrial production prototypes
  • technical consultants on robotics
  • electronic automation and industrial robot design
  • industrial models and prototypes
  • electronic design
  • electronic cards design and manufacture
  • Design of electronic systems
  • design of electronic equipment
  • 3D prototypes and prints
  • industrial prototyping
  • it engineering

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