JetLab is the inventor and manufacturer of JetBottle, an innovative plastic bag for safe transportation of bottles in luggage.

JetBottle is an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to plastic bags for transporting wine bottles and other glass items. It can help diversify the assortment of a wine store and increase sales and the average check by 25-30%. The packaging can be used in a loyalty program, as a corporate gift and travel souvenir. Bottles packaged in JetBottle are 80% less likely to be broken. The service life of JetBottle is several years; hence, widespread using this reusable flexible plastic packaging can reduce plastic consumption by 20%.

JetLab has been producing JetBottle protective packaging since 2019. The JetLab project is a resident company of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The company's export activities are supported by the Russian and Moscow Export Centers.

In-house production of flexible plastic packaging for bottles is located in Russia and holds all the necessary certificates and permits. You can order the production of JetBottle in any size, color and shape. JetBottle packaging for air transportation is a registered trademark and patented product both in Russia and internationally.

JetLab offers wholesale delivery of soft plastic packaging for transportation of wine bottles, including items individually branded in the customer's corporate style, as well as gift-wrapped special sets with wine and travel accessories.

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