CBD Suisse, our wholesale company specializes in producing flowers with high CBD content and in the creation and sale of hemp by-products. We monitor all the growing, harvesting and product distribution stages in detail. We manage all the processes, starting with genetics right through to final packing so that we can guarantee you will have high quality products and services. Our growing is guaranteed to be pesticide-free in our vast outdoor and indoor growing areas in Switzerland. Our prices are competitive on the CBD market. We ensure the stability of the quantities and quality through control of our production. We export our products and manage customs clearance. We offer a wide range of products and by-products: -CBD flowers, -CBD oils and concentrates, -CBD isolate, -CBD capsules, -Cosmetics with CBD content, -CBD e-liquids, -Food products with CBD, etc. We are always available to answer all your questions or comment on your observations

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  • CBD well-being products
  • Vegan CBD products
  • Natural CBD
  • CBD concentrate
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  • hemp oil
  • CBD crystals
  • CBG isolate
  • CBN isolate
  • CBD tablets
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