For over 25 years, Globus Group has been dedicated to developing innovative, high-performing, resilient and reliable European-made PPE products for distributors and clients across all industries globally.

As one of Europe’s biggest PPE manufacturers and with an international footprint across the Middle East, Asia and North America, we produce protective clothing and respiratory, hand, eye, head and hearing protection. Our collaborative approach sets us apart from competitors, by building lifetime relationships with customers, we provide a bespoke, supportive service.

A diverse range of market-leading brands and support services sit under the Group umbrella, including:

- Riley, our performance safety eyewear range, includes an array of quality, stylish frames such as Cypher™ and Stream™ Evo. Created with ingenuity to exceptional standards in a contemporary, modern style. Engineered using the latest safety eyewear technology, innovative designs and unique performance features, Riley safety eyewear is suited to a range of applications in accordance with EN 166.

- Benchmark is a range of cost effective personal protective equipment, including protective clothing, eye, hand, hearing and respiratory protection. Sourced from an ethical and reliable supply chain, Benchmark products are regularly audited to ensure they continue to maintain a high level of quality and reliability.

Other brands within our portfolio include Alpha Solway, ENHA, Haika, Showa and Skytec.

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