GLOBAL WORLK LINK is specialised in the import of all types of products, supplies and raw materials. We work exclusively with suppliers and factories able to supply all the compulsory certificates for customs clearance. We have strategic contacts who can very quickly deal with your request across Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. We are trusted by numerous companies to take care of their stock. The advantage is to obtain supplies directly from the factory or in the export country to increase resale margins. You transport constraints will be managed by our freight forwarder with agents at the world's main ports and airports. We can handle all types of requests and provide you with support to satisfy your needs. We are also distributors of clothing, cosmetics and hospital equipment to "surf" on the latest trends.

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  • Töö- ja kaitserõivad
  • Spordirõivad
  • Compressor for bicycle tyres
  • aluminium garden furniture
  • medical articles
  • christmas articles
  • disposable gloves
  • gift ideas
  • hotel, bar, restaurant and institutional supplies
  • stoppers
  • artificial christmas tree
  • sports accessories
  • disposable medical articles
  • synthetic resin garden furniture
  • furniture for restaurants
  • giveaways for hotels
  • Christmas decorations
  • Home accessories
  • Medical gloves
  • Promotional sports goods
  • champagne cork
  • Home decoration accessories
  • Solar garden light
  • T-cork
  • Import-export of cosmetics accessories
  • Manufacturer of stoppers
  • Wood-capped stoppers
  • items for garden and outdoor furniture
  • customised corporate gifts
  • Plastic packaging for cosmetics
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