Getrealprice - is a service for monitoring prices and assortment on the Internet with the subsequent processing of the received data.

Our company offers to optimize-and-to-improve-control of your brand sales business in the World internet markets by installing global Company price monitoring.

Getrealprice is caching (saving) daily major of online stores in world, including webshops and marketplaces. Prices and availability of goods and other parameters are saved daily. We re-download the product range of more than 1000 online stores.

Here's what we specifically offer:

- to start monitoring online stores that sell your brand products with weekly tracking/updating: prices, availability and volume of sales (if volume of sales indicators are available);

- to start monitoring the compliance with the Recommended Sales Price (if you manage RSP) in order to record the observance of these RSP's during the year over all countries.

- for each product of your brand, to determine the list of competing products of other brands and control the price difference between each similar products.

These solutions will give your company the opportunity to highlight special statuses for merchandises selling your brands, the opportunity to control sales prices (and shipping prices) and the opportunity to control prices of competing products in all of the world.

Happy to provide a complete picture of all opportunities at a meeting or by distand communication (telco, email).

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