Our History

Fitex is a Greek manufacturing company in the chemical business. The aim of the company is consolidating as a dynamic and reliable partner in the Greek market.
Achieving this is a result of the Greek market knowledge, continuous information, research and adaptation in the Greek and international data and seriousness and respect with which the company treats all associates, customers and suppliers.

The company's long-term goal is to establish and maintain long-term business relationships with both customers and associates, and its philosophy is to offer customers, not products, but solutions with added value to the way they operate daily, by covering the specific needs them and contributing to the smooth and efficient operation.
Main feature of our philosophy is the everyday cultivation of values such as trust, honesty, respect, mutual respect and loyalty to our customers.

The company focuses its efforts on the simultaneous development of the partners and customers by offering quality products and exceptional services.

✓  5 years near you with Product Categories for

    ✓  CLEANING Moulds, Marble, Tile grouts 
    ✓  PLUMBING for drain solvent
    ✓  SPECIAL PRODUCTS for Rust & Cement
    ✓  SPRAY for brakes, clutch, A/C

The company occupies an important position in the Greek market by providing complete solutions cleaning products products at highly competitive prices. 
The expertise and experience provide you with solutions for all surfaces and conditions

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Tootekataloogi vaade

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Tiles and grout cleaning products


Selle ettevõtte postitatud pildid


  • Καθαριστικό Κόλλας

  • PET-X Cleaner

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  • Kodus kasutatavad plekieemaldid
  • Tööstuslikud puhastus- ja hooldusvahendid
  • cleaning br
  • Chemicals Products for Cleaning
  • Cleaning Chemicals Products
  • Cleaning fluid for Air Condition
  • tiles cleaner
  • cleaner for tile-grouts
  • marble cleaning products
  • CEMENT cleaning products
  • cleaning and removal of coal tar
  • cleaning and removal benzene
  • cleaning and removal pyrolyse gas oil
  • cleaning and removal bitumen
  • cleaning chemicals
  • Tar cleaning products
  • mosaic cleaning
  • cleaning products
  • mould cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning products
  • Cleaning products
  • manufacturer of environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals

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  • FITEX cleaning chemicals


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