As a pioneer in temporary corrosion protection, EXCOR has been developing corrosion protection packaging for 30 years and is constantly expanding this technology for its customers.

In our laboratory for corrosion research, we identify the cause of corrosion and develop effective solutions to prevent rust. Good corrosion protection concepts are an economic factor that should not be neglected and are indispensable when transporting or storing metal parts.

Depending on your requirements, we use three different corrosion protection methods: the VCI, the desiccant and the coating method. VCI packaging with evaporating corrosion inhibitors is the cleanest and most economical solution.

EXCOR offers specific corrosion protection solutions for different metals or metal alloys.

We demonstrate our innovative strength with ever new, patented corrosion protection products. In addition to the well-known VCI corrosion protection in the form of films, papers and dispensers, we are constantly working on the development of completely new corrosion protection mechanisms.

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