Dutybox LLC is a Russian manufacturer of powerful and cost-effective eco-friendly household cleaning and maintenance products.

The range of environmentally friendly cleaning products by Dutybox includes 11 concentrates for all types of surfaces and dirt. The manufacturer produces liquid hand soap, dish detergents, household cleaning products, disinfectants, cleaning products for windows and mirrors, home fragrance sprays, household cleaning articles, grease and soot remover, multi-purpose cleaner, washing concentrate, laundry conditioner.

The concentrates include biodegradable components and high quality flavorings of European origin, they do not contain caustic acids or alkalis, phosphates, parabens, chlorine, SLES and SLS.

The uniqueness of Dutybox products comes from their composition and packaging. The 50 ml capsules made of recyclable plastic contain a concentrate that forms 500 ml of ready-to-use ecologically friendly maintenance products when added to 450 ml of water. The capsules come complete with refillable bottles, which can be recycled as well. The use of capsules and refillable bottles cuts plastic consumption by 95% compared to conventional household detergents, reducing the cost of production.

Dutybox household cleaning and maintenance products are marketed in 20 countries of the world, they are the choice of people who want to reduce the harmful environmental impact.

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