Dental Implant Clinic is one of the pioneers of modern implantology in our country. Our team has specialized in implantology and oral surgery, areas in which we have years of experience. Dental Implant Clinic's team is led by dr. Ivan Stojanovic. When we offer you treatment, we consider your wishes. We are here for you, to explain all the options available and their prices, so you can make the best choice. You will always know what are we doing. Every time you have a question, ask a member of our team, they will explain everything to you. Dental implants are the best choice if you have one or more tooth missing. Dental implants prolong the life of your healthy teeth because they are not damaged during the procedure. Also, the closest thing to natural teeth is an implant. Titanium dental implants are absolutely biocompatible with the surrounding tissue and they completely attach themselves to your bone. The possibility of implant rejection or allergic reaction is reduced to the minimum.

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