Dano Food is a trusted Belgian food company specializing in the export of agriculture-based commodities. We serve the export needs of a global clientele across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. 

DeliBelge leadership leverages its extensive international export experience to translate buyer needs into the perfectly-matching export solutions. Our client-facing staff has excelled in similar settings and has a good knowledge of country-specific needs. They are fluent communicators who stay connected to you during every stage of the process. 

When you partner with us, you are assured: 

- Premium quality food products sourced from established local suppliers
- Competitive pricing made possible due to supply chain efficiencies 
- Regulatory and logistics compliance for all export destinations 
- A client-focused approach to export 
- Knowledge-support and guidance all through the engagement cycle
- Commitment to community development and empowerment

We are an ambitious company interested in expanding our product segments and global market presence. We have full confidence in our capabilities and in our vast and growing supplier network to cater successfully to the changing needs of clients and consumers. We're well-prepared to handle the demands of a dynamic export landscape and build a reputation for quality, reliability and ethical practices. 

We welcome you to learn more about us through our website pages, over the phone, email or in person.

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Delibelge Mayonnaise- Production line in Belgium. DANO FOOD

DeliBelge Dairy Products-DANO FOOD- Belgium

Milk powder and dairy products

Délibelge DANO FOOD Belgium

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Selle ettevõtte postitatud pildid

  • Milk-Powder-Dano-food

  • Lait concentre

  • DeliBlege UHT milk 3.5%

Selle ettevõttega seotud võtmesõnad

  • Kondenspiim ja piimapulber
  • Taimeõlid
  • Imikutoit
  • Piim
  • Kastmed
  • Pasta
  • Baby Milk stage 1-2-3
  • uht milk
  • mayonnaise
  • whole milk
  • palm oil
  • evaporated milk
  • condensed milk

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  • DéliBelge


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Peamised arvandmed

  • 11 – 50
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  • 1 – 10
  • > 50.000 K€


  • Asutamisaasta
  • Ettevõtte liik
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  • Põhitegevusala
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    Valmistaja/ Tootja

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  • Postiülekanne
  • Swift ülekanne
  • Lunaraha (cash on delivery) 


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