We have been manufacturing high quality acrylic deflectors for cars and trucks since 1997. During this time, our products gained widespread use throughout the world.

Our product range includes over 7000 items.

We keep a close eye on the release of new car models and every month we expand our product range by at least 5-10 items.
We have a sufficient stock of finished products in our own warehouses with an area of over 4000 m2.

Design department and a streamlined manufacturing process.
Our production facilities allow us to fulfill the most sophisticated customer orders, for example, a large order for a batch for exclusive cars or newly designed products.

Window deflectors from different batches are identical; there is no variation in size, shape, or color. Each product goes through a rigorous screening process.

The quality control service monitors all stages of production, starting from procurement (receipt of raw materials and supplies), ending with the release of finished products and the storage process.

When purchasing our products, you can be sure of 100% quality.

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  • 101 - 200
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  • 11 – 50
  • 3%
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  • 1.000 K€ - 2.499 K€
  • Asutamisaasta 1997
  • Ettevõtte liik Ettevõtte liik Peakorter, Peamaja
  • Põhitegevusala Põhitegevusala Valmistaja/ Tootja
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