Based in Portugal, BsafeSolutions is a new brand of disposable equipments. We are manufacturing disposable equipments in a clean room under all the European norms and our production units use the most recent and advanced technologies. Moreover, all production is carried out in accordance with the highest international standards of conformity for equipment and devices.
Our mission is to create products and solutions that contribute to your protection, made to protect both your employees and your business. In light of the current sanitary crisis, we are more than ever committed to health, which is the greater good. We strive to guarantee a maximum level of hygiene throughtout the entire production process.
Our product range includes disposable masks, shoe covers, caps and CPE gloves. We also offer solutions for air purification in indoor spaces, such as Purif'air, and disinfection of packages. We can deliver up to 5 000 000 pieces per month of any product. We are producing in and for the European and worldwide markets the best Surgical masks Type II and IIR at a very competitive prices. We believe that is the best way to, gradually, return to a normal way of life. If needed we can provide samples so that every buyer can attest to the high quality of our products. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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  • Asutamisaasta 2009
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