ARUSNAVI ELECTRONICS LLC is one of the leading fleet management equipmentproducer. We design, produce and sell of navigation equipment and external devices.

Today we sell our equipment throughout the Russian Federation, CIS, European Union, MENA and Far East.

Ourfully robotized manufacturing is located in. In addition, we have a laboratory to test the equipment where each sample goes through the careful examination and testing because we care about the reputation of our partners and that’s why we give the extended 5-year warranty.
There is also an innovation department, who expand the functionality of the ARNAVI devices, design new devices and search new business branches.

We can easily and quickly integrate any third-party devices into our equipment: tachographs, passenger traffic sensors, electric meters, contactless driver card readers, etc.

Today, we offer our partners a complexof solutionsfor В2В (fleet monitoring, sharing and micro mobility solutions (carsharing, kick sharing, scooter sharing etc.), and also В2С: satellite monitoring systems for the personal cars.

Every year we create at least one new project and opening up new opportunities for development.

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  • Navigatsioonielektroonika
  • Sõidukite telemaatika
  • GPS
  • Raadiokontrollisüsteemid ja -seadmed
  • Raadionavigatsioonimajakad
  • GLONASS tracker
  • transport with satellite protection
  • anti-theft devices for motor vehicles
  • road and motorway traffic control and regulation supplies
  • electronic anti-theft systems for transport vehicles
  • installation of gps-assisted anti-theft systems
  • telemeters
  • satellite controllers
  • navigation systems
  • electronic burglar alarms for transport vehicles
  • receiver transmitter installation
  • gps (global positioning system) instruments
  • tachographs
  • car tracks
  • fuel level sensors, capacitive
  • GPS equipment
  • navigation software
  • gps locator
  • Fleet management
  • GPS beacon
  • electronic controllers
  • anti-theft alarm with GPS positioner and tracer
  • Fleet management software
  • Transport management system
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