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ARGOFILM started its activities in 1969 in its privately owned facilities in Pyrgela Argos, producing for the first time in Greece plastic mesh bags for packaging agricultural products such as potatoes, onions and more. Thanks to continuous presence and uninterrupted operation all these years, come to confirm its excellent structure and the quality of its products, accepted by the Greek market but also by the European Union market. Its constant presence in exhibitions in the field of production gave the company the right to enrich its product range. Today, the company produce, in addition to the "traditional bags", a wide variety of products such as shading nets, woven and knitted oilcloths, construction nets, road marking nets, plastic screens, fish barrier nets, propylene bags, balcony nets, drainage membrane. Through the pages of our website, you can learn everything about our company, our products as well as contact us. It is accessible from all your devices, so you can find what you want at any time and send us a message immediately. From here you will be informed about new products our company has created for you or our participation in an exhibition to get to know and see our products up close. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


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  • windbreak nets
  • reinforcement net
  • film
  • shade net
  • Agricultural film
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Grounding marking grid